• IQ4 Control Panel

  • 2 Door/Window Sensors

  • 1 Motion Detector

  •  3 HD Security Cameras

Video Analytics 


Cloud Recording with Remote Access & Notifications to Cell

24/7 Protection for your business. Look in anytime, record activity, receive real time activity reports, control temperature, analyze store traffic and people counting to increase sales by merchandising best sellers in high traffic areas in your store.

​You can’t always be there, but, an ASI Security/Automation System Can!


Peace of Mind to know your home is protected, but most importantly, YOUR  FAMILY is too.


​Insurance Certificate Issued for  Reduction in Insurance Premiums.



$2,500 Value


Excluding GST/HST
Price Options
Small Biz
C$69.97monthly/ 60 months
  • By purchaing this package I agree to pay $0 upfront equipment & installation costs plus  a monthly payment of $69.97 + Tax, on a 60 month term. I also agree to pay for all add-on products I have added to this package for a 60 moth term.

  • Wi-Fi Cameras require minimum 2 MBPS upload speed, per camera. Should your internet Wi-Fi credentials change and an onsite visit is required for ASI to reconnect your Home Automation cameras and/or doorbel cameras, there will be an onsite charge of $100 to reconnect the cameras to the Wi-Fi network.