- IQ Panel2+ with DSC Power G all in one Touch Screen Keypad/Panel

- GSM Cell Backup

- 4 Alarm Devices

- 1 Home Automation Device

- Battery Backup

- Built-in Siren

- Transformer

- Alarm Signs & Stickers

- Insurance Certificate

- Installation/Programming

- Costumer Training/Support

- Full Automation from smart phone, table, or computer

Automation Package

  • $500 Install  - $44.95/Month on a 36 month monitoring agreement

    FREE Install  - $49.95/Month on a 60 month monitoring agreement

    CONTACT Alexander Security Inc. for monitoring agreements.

  • Wi-Fi Cameras require minimum 2 MBPS upload speed, per camera. Should your internet Wi-Fi credentials change and an onsite visit is required for ASI to reconnect your Home Automation cameras and/or doorbel cameras, there will be an onsite charge of $100 to reconnect the cameras to the Wi-Fi network.