Touch Screen

Touch ScreenWith the intuitive touch screen, our home security system is easy enough for everyone in your family to use. Arm the security system with a few simple taps of the display. View weather and traffic reports, top news stories, and more. You can even see who’s at the front door from your bedroom via live video from an entryway camera. Visit for more information.

Remote Thermostat, Lighting & Appliance Control

Remote Thermostat, Lighting and Appliance Control
Secure remote access allows you to activate or disarm your security system, turn your lights on and off, and adjust your thermostat from the web, an iPhone, or a web-enabled mobile phone.

Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera

Camera with IR illumination allows for indoor and outdoor use in both lit and low light situations. The camera automatically provides extra IR illumination when enough visible light is not available for proper operation. Connectivity is provided through either a hardwired or wireless IP connection to the HUB.


Ethernet GatewayA gateway that gives the customer the ability to control and monitor devices through Z-Wave® technology. Customers will be able to control lights, thermostats and other appliances wirelessly. The gateway also provides a private WiFi network that is used for secure communications to the Interactive cameras and touch screen.